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The Combina Financial Approach

A highly personalized, relationship-focused approach differentiates the Combina Financial experience.

Approach: Projects

Relationship Focused

"You can find a lot of financial advisors, but Brian is someone who actually takes the time to become invested. Brian listens to develop a deep understanding of your complex needs. He really wants you to succeed in your business."

The Combina Financial difference is the personalized, tailored approach to your company’s business and financial needs. From day one, CEO and Founder Brian Carp takes a hands-on approach to helping your company’s leadership understand its financial gaps and opportunities. Brian’s humble, honest nature allows him to connect easily with stakeholders at every level. He walks in lockstep with his clients until the desired goals are achieved and surpassed. At every turn, Brian is dedicated to ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of the process, understand your options, and make decisions with your key stakeholders – investors, customers and employees – in mind.

This level of care and objectivity is the key to Combina’s success and the driving force that separates Brian’s services from what you might find with large consulting groups and their often copy-and-paste approaches.

Combina’s clients consistently praise his ability to bring their teams together, generating collaboration, buy in and best possible outcomes – from the inside out.

Meticulously Modeled

“He understands the complexities of going from an income statement to a balance sheet to a cash flow statement, and then the output that is connected to that. There are very few people who have a broad range of knowledge across all different financial areas.”

Brian has both CPA and MBA expertise – a hard-to-find background in today’s business world where professionals often feel pressure to choose a specialized area of focus. That broad and diverse background allows for deeply insightful, well-balanced assessments, and solution proposals. Whether you are a startup without a finance department or a bank, he has the ability to explain even the most complex financial concepts. With Combina, you’ll receive unbiased support to address your company’s unique challenges, and know that it is based on sophisticated financial analyses.

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