Complex business challenges call for strategic financial solutions


The Combina Difference

With Combina Financial, you'll gain invaluable insights from a proven financial leader. More so, CEO and Founder Brian Carp recognizes that each company's needs are unique. He will work with your team from the very beginning to ensure a tailored plan that helps your organization thrive and grow.

Financial Analyst

"There are very few people with Brian's broad range of knowledge across all areas of finance - accounting, management, budgeting, the list goes on."

"With Combina Financial, you'll get a complete, hands-on experience with someone who has been a leader at the highest level for a publicly traded company."

"Brian immediately becomes vested in your company and its mission. He truly wants you to succeed and is able to visualize opportunities."


Combina Financial is ready to work with you to develop custom solutions, so you can make your next move with confidence.